Finally: the accounts

The account listing

This listing is very helpful on reports with many accounts. You can quickly see the balances, open dates, status and the dreaded little red flags indicating that the account was delinquent.

MISSING are the credit limits and high credit and whether/when the accounts were closed.

Credit analyzing software should include this data, drop the account number and instead of a “yes/no” for lates, include the DATE of the last late.

And of course one should be able to sort by clicking on the field name, as is standard for many programs.

Account details

Here’s the beef:

While there is MORE information on the credit bureau direct report, this is the information utilized in the FICO scores.

The student loans are INCORRECTLY reported as “unrated or bankruptcy” and SHOULD be reported as “paid as agreed.”

Because these are the ONLY accounts, the “unrated or bankruptcy” is devastating.

I’ll explain why once we got through this report.

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