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Some of my sites:

  • 2013 Credit Suit blog — my litigation
  • CreditFactors — My subscription resource & reference site, subscriber forum and my credit services
  • Liars & Cheats EXPOSED!!! — Debt settlement, credit reports, collectors, bankers, judges, lawyers …
  • RESISTANCE — MUST SEE free online documentaries on credit, banking, litigation resources, etc.
  • CreditCourt — The court filings for my litigation
  • 7/08: I.C. System — My lawsuit against collector IC System – recorded calls – SETTLED!
  • — Get legislators to MAKE regulators enforce the law & and enact new legislation
  • — My press releases and open letters
  • Fight Back!!! — Lots of documentation about the many things I’m involved with
  • — Established in 1995, my first site and unfortunately I haven’t had any time to update it.

Some of my more important projects are described in the CreditFactors History page.

Americans didn’t become independent because they sued the Queen,
Hitler wasn’t stopped by a court order and
the slaves weren’t freed because they voted for freedom.

What are YOU doing to make a difference?

Christine Baker

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