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Experian FICO score FINALLY available at myFICO again

I’m not trying to drum up business for myFICO, but if you’re in the market for a mortgage, this is good news!

Mortgage credit report: Nice FICO scores with chargeoffs and Asset Acceptance collection

The most recent collection (Asset Acceptance) was assigned in 7/10 and it IS rated despite the dispute notation.  My client just received his new mortgage credit report: EQUIFAX/FACTA BEACON 5.0 SCORE: 678 00038 – SERIOUS DELINQUENCY, AND DEROGATORY PUBLIC RECORD OR COLLECTION FILED 00018 – NUMBER OF ACCOUNTS WITH DELINQUENCY 00014 – LENGTH OF TIME […]

Part 1: Trans Union FICO score 738 with two charge-offs

The client’s credit reports contained only 4 accounts: A positive student loan, two charge-offs with $0 balances and a Palisades collection. Due to the low number of accounts, it is easy to document how FICO scores rate accounts.  Tradelines reported by creditors as disputed are NOT rated as derogatory, but DO count for the so […]

Quicken Loans’ refusal to provide mortgage rate for 730 FICO score

A client is currently refinancing and they have PERFECT credit (as defined by rational people): No lates, no collections, no judgments or liens, nothing whatsoever that could be considered derogatory. However, they have a lot of debt (helping out their kids, times are tough) and unfortunately I didn’t know that they needed to get a […]

NCO utility collection after move lowers FICO scores by over 100 points

My client moved last year, didn’t get a bill and all of a sudden there’s this NCO collection on his credit.  He panicked and immediately paid the utility company. THEN he found my websites and I just drafted the disputes for him. NCO reports only to Experian and Trans Union, so his Equifax report is […]

ONE inquiry is the 3rd negative factor for 725 Equifax FICO score

Sorry I haven’t posted here in such a long time, been SO busy. Below are the Equifax FICO score factors proving that just ONE inquiry can seriously lower the FICO scores.  And it’s an OLD inquiry from 1/29/09 — about to be ignored.  This was not a credit application, but for an AT& T cell […]

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