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myFICO still creates entirely fictitious late payments on Equifax reports

I just posted the screenshots of a Dell account with fictitious lates and the resulting myFICO negative score factor at 3/19/13 myFICO STILL creates fictitious late payments. In 2007 I notified Fair Isaac (myFICO) of this BUG in their software and I can only imagine how many people lost their homes, got divorced and/or sick […]

Suing Experian for failing to investigate and Chase for reporting FALSE late payments

A client disputed several accounts with Experian.  It refused to investigate a Household 2nd mortgage and a Chase account with a balance that it had forgiven (1099) because Experian previously investigated the accounts in 2011.  My client had included the Chase 1099 with the dispute.  Trans Union promptly changed the balance to $0 after it […]

Complaint to NM AG: debt buyer interest charges while account NOT owned

Like so many debt buyers, Asset Acceptance ignored the dispute and it charges outrageous interest without providing any documentation allowing it to charge interest. My client’s complaint and my declaration submitted to the New Mexico attorney general. I have never seen Citi or Chase charge interest after an account was charged off.  Yet, debt buyers […]

FICO scores STILL create fictitious late payments on Equifax reports

Over three years ago I documented that Equifax myFICO reports often contain entirely FICTITIOUS and extremely FICO score lowering RECENT late payments.  A FICO scoring software “bug” misinterpreted the charge-off reporting as late payment. This can NOT be fixed by Equifax as the Equifax direct report does not contain these late payments. I notified Fair […]

Experian refusal to investigate factual credit disputes and FALSE accusations of FRAUD

Here is the repost from the new Liars and Cheats EXPOSED blog at FTC complaint about Experian refusal to investigate factual credit disputes and the documentation and correspondence is posted there. My client actually INCLUDED a copy of his drivers license and utility bill with his factual disputes AND Experian provided him with his credit […]

Experian REFUSING to correct rehabbed student loan and incomplete and false Afni collection reporting

Here we go again, another student loan Experian reporting problem and insane investigation results along with SYSTEMIC false and incomplete Afni collection reporting and strange Experian legal advice.  My email to attorney Chang (Jones Day, counsel for Experian in my case against it) is posted below. 1) Experian’s refusal to report the rehabbed student loan as […]

My published complaint to the FTC about the Experian lates after charge-off or collection

My DRAFT complaint to the FTC is posted at I have not received a response from Experian or DeVry and I’ll snail mail everything next week to the FTC. That DeVry would DELIBERATELY destroy their former students’ credit and lives is beyond belief.   Obviously, that’s a school to be avoided at any cost. Very important, […]

Experian’s LACK of reasonable procedures: lates after chargeoff

TYPICAL Experian OBVIOUS incorrect reporting includes late payments AFTER an account was charged off. The Trans Union FICO score WITH this account (including an incorrect balance), 5 public records and 2 collections is 689. As POSITIVE TU score factor Fair Isaac lists: You’ve recently been paying your bills on time. Your most recent late payment […]

The extremely important Experian STATUS and DELETION dates

(click on image for full size) When was this account charged off? How does a CREDITOR know how to rate this account? How does Experian determine when the account is to be deleted? How do FICO scores rate the account? Since Fair Isaac does NOT provide the DETAILS for the scores such as how many […]

Credit bureaus and Sallie Mae REFUSE to correct student loan high credit reporting

Every month the balances on deferred student loans increase as the deferred interest is added, but the “high credit”, “original balance”, “highest amount owed” or whatever label is on the credit reports is NOT increased.  Obviously, it’s NOT good for credit scores to have installment loan balances higher than the original loan amounts and FICO scoring […]

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