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myFICO still creates entirely fictitious late payments on Equifax reports

I just posted the screenshots of a Dell account with fictitious lates and the resulting myFICO negative score factor at 3/19/13 myFICO STILL creates fictitious late payments. In 2007 I notified Fair Isaac (myFICO) of this BUG in their software and I can only imagine how many people lost their homes, got divorced and/or sick […]

FICO scores STILL create fictitious late payments on Equifax reports

Over three years ago I documented that Equifax myFICO reports often contain entirely FICTITIOUS and extremely FICO score lowering RECENT late payments.  A FICO scoring software “bug” misinterpreted the charge-off reporting as late payment. This can NOT be fixed by Equifax as the Equifax direct report does not contain these late payments. I notified Fair […]

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