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I no longer provide credit services

I no longer offer credit services other than for clients I previously worked with. I’ve been litigating against credit bureaus, creditors and collectors since about 2000. We had STRONG legislation protecting consumers, but the Fair Credit Reporting Act was weakened in 2003. Our corrupt legislators FAILED to amend the Fair Debt Collection Practices to adjust […] payments from bank accounts for 25 cents

I just updated the CreditFactors order page to include Dwolla payment buttons and I installed the Dwolla plugin for the CreditFactors Membership signup. The plugin is still in alpha testing, but I hope it works. As long time readers know, PayPal changed its terms a few years ago to prohibit credit and debt settlement services […]

Moving to new server

Update 12/9/12:  The client forum was successfully moved today and I’m looking forward to getting some “real” work done! UPDATE:  I switched the client forum back to my old host because apparently there is nobody qualified to properly set up a domain with a secure certificate on the weekend at my new host. Clients should […]

Part 1: Trans Union FICO score 738 with two charge-offs

The client’s credit reports contained only 4 accounts: A positive student loan, two charge-offs with $0 balances and a Palisades collection. Due to the low number of accounts, it is easy to document how FICO scores rate accounts.  Tradelines reported by creditors as disputed are NOT rated as derogatory, but DO count for the so […]

New blogs on credit reports, collections and credit litigation

I haven’t had time to post here because I’ve been very busy setting up new blogs at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED: BBVA Compass Bank CLOSED my Accounts to RETALIATE for my Publications Cohen & Slamowitz Unfair Collection Litigation Practices Credit Bureau Experian and DeVry Reporting False Late Payments and Refusal to Delete Credit Reporting and […]

Major upgrade to the CreditFactors Knowledgebase

KBPublisher is the software I’m using to organize CreditFactors subscriber resources and it currently contains 166 articles on credit reporting, disputes, FICO credit scoring, dealing with collectors and lawsuits — all organized by category and searchable. I have been using the free KBPublisher software since 2007 after trying software costing $500 and more and I […]

Welcome to the new CreditFactors blog

I hadn’t done any major updates for my CreditFactors site since 2003. Now that I’m almost done, I know why: It’s a LOT of work! I decided to move the site to a BLOG format and to focus on FICO scores, bugs, new discoveries, credit reporting and collection issues. With over 2000 posts, the […]

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