Creating JOBS

While the Common Good Bank is on hold due to lack of funds (by law only MILLIONAIRES can invest in stock to start a bank), there are OTHER ways to divert corporate profits to the PEOPLE.

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Creating JOBS

Unread postby Christine on Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:08 am

Obviously, I won’t be doing this by myself and I’m looking for people willing to volunteer and with a sincere interest in establishing a NON PROFIT organization to change the world. After 40 unpaid hours, qualified volunteers can apply to work as independent contractors paid by the hour and eventually apply for salaried positions.

IT, security, programming, web design, tech support, member support, public relations and signing up merchants are some of the first jobs. Legal help to determine how to structure possibly several entities is also very important. Members will also get paid for referrals, but no MLM.

The salary ratio should be about 5 : 1. If the lowest paid employee makes $10/hr, the highest paid employee shouldn't’t make more than $50/hr. If somebody really deserves $100/hr, we'll just have to up the minimum wage to $20.

Employees work from home and one of the benefits should be reimbursement of DSL/cable/satellite internet access and a notebook computer. Some people might be “out in the field” to demonstrate the system to merchants.

Most people should only work part-time and learn to do different jobs. As I've learned the hard way, sitting at a computer too much makes you physically ill.

Especially people with high housing expense ought to consider relocating. If you have to work full-time, take a few months off every year. Speaking of time off, everybody should get at least 4 weeks paid vacation and unpaid leave should freely be given.

Studies have shown that many people rather go to work than spend the day with their family. It shouldn't be that way.
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