ENDGAME - Blueprint for Global Enslavement

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ENDGAME - Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Unread postby Christine on Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:24 am

Free video on Google:

ENDGAME- ALEX JONES - Blueprint for Global Enslavement

From http://infowars.net/articles/october200 ... ndgame.htm

Endgame Rips The Lid Off Elite's Final Masterplan

New documentary delves into the darkest recesses of the global elite

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Oct 24, 2007

Alex Jones' brand new documentary Endgame charts the history of the elite blueprint for social domination and control, outlining the ultimate plans that those who consider themselves the anointed have for our planet.

The first section of the film documents the rise of the banking cartels, who since 1800 have funded both sides of almost every war. Endgame charts the usurpation of the British economy by the Rothchild family who went on to bankroll all factions during the first world war providing armaments companies through banks in France, Austria, Germany and England.

Endgame then documents the fallout of the great war and the attempts to form a controlling League of Nations, which was ultimately blocked by Congress. Such frustration on the part of the elite led to the rise of two factions, fascists and Fabian socialists. Endgame documents how bankers again funded both sides during WW2 which ultimately led to the creation of the UN and the beginning of the movement to implement three power blocs via incremental globalism. ...

I watched in online and then ordered the DVD so I could make copies for friends.
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