Ring Of Power (144 min - Google)

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Ring Of Power (144 min - Google)

Unread postby Christine on Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:08 pm

Ring Of Power (144 min - Google)

From the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11, "Ring Of Power" unrevises 4000 years of revisionist human history with never - before - seen revelations.

"Ring Of Power" puzzles together the pieces of a giant puzzle into one BIG PICTURE documentary series. The Producer is an experienced, award winning documentary filmmaker who, as a child, learned that her father was a member of the secretive cult of Freemasonry. She recalls many arguments between her parents over her father's secret meetings and the exclusion of women from the brotherhood.

The Masonic ring that her father wore had been passed down from father to son over the generations. When she asked her father about the meaning of the letter "G" and the compass and square on his ring, she got no response.

As an adult, she decided to investigate. That investigation grew into four years of intensive research into the identity and history of the diabolical globalists who she calls the "Ring Of Power". Their goal is one World Empire and one world ruler.

Episode I: 9/11 THE UNTOLD STORY (38 min.)

Half the world believes Muslims were responsible for 9/11. The other half believes Israeli Zionists were responsible. Who’s right?

Episode II: HIDDEN EMPIRE (22 min.)

The world’s most powerful empire is not the U.S.A. It is an empire that insiders call “Empire Of The City”.

Episode III: TRAIL OF THE PHARAOHS (25 min.)

Did the Biblical Abraham really live to be 175? Did Moses really turn staffs into snakes and rivers into blood?

Episode IV: GOD AND THE QUEEN (30 min.)

Genealogy charts show that British and French royalty are descendants of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. Is it true?

Episode V: ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN (22 min.)

How rich and powerful is Queen Elizabeth II?

I've already seen so many 9/11 documentaries, but still saw some new info and from a different perspective. Obviously, it is not as detailed as 2 or 3 hour documentaries exclusively about 9/11, but it is definitely worth watching.

The rest of this documentary blew my mind. I'm not a historian, know very little about Egypt and the Old Testament and I haven't translated any of the original scrolls, so I have no idea what is true or not true.

However, it makes perfect sense.
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