Updated 10/1/08: MUST watch!!! Zeitgeist: Addendum

MUST WATCH: FREE online documentaries: Money as Debt, The Money Masters, Endgame, Loose Change, ...

The bankers exposed!

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Updated 10/1/08: MUST watch!!! Zeitgeist: Addendum

Unread postby Christine on Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:46 pm

Not only another fantastic 2-hour free Google video, but a call to DO something:

Zeitgeist: Addendum

The movie starts out by explaining how money works, the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, etc. Then John Perkins, the "economic hitman", explains how the western world exploited the developing nations, installed dictators and caused so much poverty. This is absolutely true.

Of course the solutions proposed in Zeitgeist won't work, but it's not an issue for another few hundred years.

Being controlled by MACHINES is my worst nightmare.

However, the movie gets the word out about the problems with out CURRENT system and hopefully the increased awareness of the issues will have a positive impact and cause people to come up with more realistic solutions.

http://thezeitgeistmovement.com/ is now active, but there's not much on the site except a lot of utopia. There's a link to forums, but they're not active yet. I hope that some REAL solutions will be proposed.

America could turn into a police state with the people being nothing but a source of profits for the bankers and corporation.

MUST watch: U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.

I hope that many will remove themselves from the system, stop financing the corruption by refusing to do business with the big banks, get off the grid, use an alternative currency and reduce their income so they won't be paying income tax.

The government can create as much debt to fund the Pentagon and bankers as it wants.

I don't care.

I won't be paying it.

I'd like to be part of a movement to create an alternative economy. I'm too old to fight the system, although I definitely appreciate the efforts of We Are Change and the many activists who promote accountability and truth.

For starters, I'd like to see a bank or more likely, a credit union like the Common Good Bank.

Please watch the slideshow.

I believe in democracy even though I know that many people are too lazy to care. I'm hoping that they will change when given the opportunity to participate in a true democracy. The proxy voting is an excellent concept as is the MULTIPLE option election. If implemented by the government, 3rd party candidates would finally have a realistic chance and no vote would be "wasted" on candidates who won't be able to win.

The Common Good Bank would test the software and we'd see how people react. Ironically, it hasn't been able to raise the $1.5 million startup capital because only investors worth at least $1 million and with $200k income for each of the previous two years can invest.

The PEOPLE cannot start their own bank because they're not wealthy.

I am looking for a credit union with similar concepts.

It takes very little cash, but a lot of time and paperwork to start a credit union. One of the requirements is for the members to have something in common, such as employment or membership in an organization. It's easy to accomplish this by starting an association that cu members have to belong to.

The association could also provide an alternative currency and with enough members, get substantial discounts on products for the members, from organic food to solar panels, you name it.

This is possible TODAY.

Isn't there an existing credit union that's willing to change its bylaws?
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Re: Updated 10/1/08: MUST watch!!! Zeitgeist: Addendum

Unread postby Christine on Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:50 am

Wow, it's amazing to see what I wrote only a few months ago. I know I edited the above post after the Zeitgeist Movement site finally had some info and an FAQ, but I wrote the original post BEFORE I started the Trado currency and the three related new websites and before I was sued and had my main site ordered shut down by the Colorado court for doctor Tameira Hollander.

It's nothing short of AMAZING that I wrote in October that one should start a new currency and with all that other crap going on (several lawsuits and I'm trying to earn a living too while occasionally working on my unfinished house) -- I actually have a functioning online bank up and running along with an online store for organic products.

All that with a budget of $0, but I spent about $150.

THAT is what technology is good for, tools to enable people get stuff done. Unfortunately, the Zeitgeist people have yet to discover that.

The reason for this post is to update here with my experience at the Zeitgeist forum, posted at http://trado.info/content/zeitgeist-and ... in-and-mao

I STILL highly recommend watching Addendum, but be aware that not everything is what it appears to be.

Also, just as I started to get into an interesting discussion at the Zeitgeist forum today, the topic was closed.

While this is NOT a discussion forum, please feel free to post at the Trado site if you do have something constructive to contribute -- either in response to my blog / forum posts or at your own personal blog.
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