Chase sues debt eliminator Hess Kennedy, Hess sues Chase

Judge Mahoney decided in 1969 in First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly:

Slavery and all its incidents including Peonage thralldom and debt created by fraud is universally prohibited in the United States. This case represents but another refined form of Slavery by the Bankers.

The banks CREATE the money out of thin air and the government pays interest on the $9 trillion national debt to banks and investors instead of creating the money.

You won't be able to convince Congress to stop this madness with petitions, but you can vote with YOUR money and not pay the banks or their collectors and let them know WHY you are NOT paying.

If enough people stop paying the banks, the media and Congress may have to stop ignoring reality.


Chase sues debt eliminator Hess Kennedy, Hess sues Chase

Unread postby Christine on Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:58 pm

I am hopeful that this litigation will finally make federal courts rule on whether banks have the right to create money by bookkeeping entries and demand repayment.

On 2/29/08, Chase filed suit against Hess Kennedy, a Florida debt elimination and law firm. UNLIKE scammer FDRS, Hess Kennedy actually has real attorneys filing real lawsuits. However, it appears that despite the lawsuits they were not effective in actually eliminating debts, at least with respect to Chase accounts.

On 4/1, Hess filed its motion to dismiss for lack of venue and personal jurisdiction.

The Chase complaint and exhibits include consumers' and the Hess dispute letters. I assume that the consumer letters were actually sent out by Hess and that these are the letters FDRS claims are proprietary.

I posted the docket and most filings to date including the exhibits for your reading pleasure:


Unfortunately, the filings on PACER are SCANNED, rather large and not searcheable, so I'll have to find the time to retype some of the highlights.

An article by Bud Newman, Daily Business Review does NOT address the SUBSTANCE of the disputes at all.

... The bank suit claims its credit card customers were urged to falsely claim nonexistent billing errors on monthly statements to avoid payment or have the debt erased. ...

The only thing "nonexistent" is the money Chase loaned out until it was CREATED by Chase when it made the loans.

On 3/7/08, Hess Kennedy sued Chase in Florida district court, seeking a declaratory judgment enabling them to continue to represent consumers to submit FCBA disputes.


On 3/12/08, Capital One filed suit against Hess Kennedy.

The Capital One complaint is attached to the Hess 4/1/08 motion to dismiss in the Chase case as Exhibit B:


Capital One states that $16 million in debt were disputed and that they suffered lossed due to "delayed payment" on over 7,300 accounts due to Hess Kennedy disputes. Capital One primarily complains about credit counseling and debt reduction and does NOT mention paragraph 5 of its Exhibit 4, a Hess Kennedy dispute letter:

Any source of any cash or cash equivalent you and/or claimant claim was paid to client ....

I'll post the filings from that case as soon as I have time. I noticed that Capital One included the full name at 28) of one of its customers, Margaret Ellard


It hope that these lawsuits will serve to bring the banks' CREATION of money into the spotlight and that the American people will take back their currency from the bankers.

Persons with DOCUMENTATION should submit an amicus brief to the courts.

These disputes are NOT frivolous!
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Re: Chase sues debt eliminator Hess Kennedy, Hess sues Chase

Unread postby Christine on Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:12 am

The docs from the suit Capital One filed on 3/6/08:


At this point it doesn't look too exciting, Hess Kennedy just filed the motion to dismiss for lack of venue / personal jurisdiction. I didn't even download it, it's probably very similar to the posted motion in the Chase case.

The most interesting part is that Capital One filed the unredacted letters with one of its delinquent debtors full name, address and account number and Hess Kennedy promptly took the UNREDACTED Cap One exhibits and refiled them in the Chase case.

I emailed Hess Kennedy about it and they did NOT care.
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Chase gets $4.4 million and consumers' debts are forgiven

Unread postby Christine on Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:25 pm

They settled in 7/09 and I posted the key filings along with my summary at my FDRS scam blog: ... tion-scam/

Notably, there is NO mention of the banks' CREATION of the money out of thin air anywhere. But at least some scammers got shut down and the scammed consumers had their debt forgiven and the chargeoffs deleted from the credit reports.
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