Welcome to the new CreditFactors blog

I hadn’t done any major updates for my CreditFactors site since 2003. Now that I’m almost done, I know why:

It’s a LOT of work!

I decided to move the site to a BLOG format and to focus on FICO scores, bugs, new discoveries, credit reporting and collection issues. With over 2000 posts, the CreditSuit.org blog searches yield too many results.

I might also add a section for problems that should be addressed by the legislature here. I’ve seen several collection white papers written by collection associations and attorneys, but I have not seen these issues addressed by any CONSUMER groups.

Hopefully, Credit Pros will be regular readers.

After many years of one on one consulting with consumers, I realize that credit has become so complex, the average person can not be expected to study hundreds of hours and learn how credit and scoring work.

Unfortunately, most credit repair outfits are as clueless as any consumer.  I’m appalled by the many credit repair business opportunity scams in my inbox. The emails promise huge profits for people with NO credit expertise whatsoever. Their advertised software is 200% crap.  I elaborate at credit software.

I’m hoping to educate Credit Pros through screenshots and maybe even slideshows.

We’ll see how much time I’ll have, but I certainly have intentions.

My next post will be about why it so important to review the credit reports BEFORE giving advice.  One of my client’s took the advice I gave him about unrated TU accounts and he passed it on to his fiancee.  Not good!

I also want to post the score factors proving that Trans Union still rates AU accounts, despite Fair Isaac claims that authorized user accounts will be ignored for FICO 08 TU scores. As the score factors prove, they are only partially ignored.

However, first I have to get everything working here.  Please let me know if you find bad links, typos, etc.

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