2 Responses to “Maximizing your FICO scores through low REPORTED balances”

  1. She needs assist in otabining a greater credit rating. Since my charge card is within excellent standing I decided to help her out. How do i add her like a joint account owner so she will piggyback from my charge card? Does adding her being an approved user rather than some pot account holder still perform the same factor? Will her title need to be around the card too? Thanks.No junk e-mail, irrelevant solutions, nor advertisements please. Be Sincere.

    • The only way to make sure that the card is reported to her account is to make her a JOINT account holder. That means that to REMOVE the joint account holder you have to CLOSE the account.

      It could also result in having your account closed or limits reduced if her credit scores are not as high as yours.

      So, I would NOT do that!

      There are many ways to BUILD credit and unfortunately I can’t make recommendations without having reviewed her credit reports.

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