About CreditFactors

In 2003 I started CreditFactors, the credit reporting, collections and FICO credit scoring resource site.

After hosting free credit forums for many years (history – bio), I not only got very tired of answering the same questions over and over, but credit and scoring continually change and there was no way that I could go through the many thousands of posts in my forums to UPDATE according to industry changes and new flaws and bugs in the FICO scoring software I discovered through my client work.

So I finally created CreditFactors and I continually update the searchable knowledgebase.

In 2007 I create a separate knowledgebase with litigation resources and case law.

Many consumers are lacking the time and skills to learn everything they SHOULD know before disputing and that’s why I provide free assistance at the CreditFactors subscriber forum.

The most successful CreditFactors subscribers have good analytical skills, such as accountants, programmers, engineers, etc.  Many credit reports contain THOUSANDS of pieces of data to be reviewed for accuracy on EACH report (Equifax, Trans Union, Experian) and while only SOME of the data is relevant for FICO scores, it takes time to learn what to look for as each bureau reports different data and in a different format.

If you don’t have the skills or time to learn all you should know before disputing, consider ordering the Credit Review.

Personal services: Credit Review, Credit Analysis and Debt Settlement

I offer personal services for clients seeking higher FICO scores, debt settlement or who want to know what their credit options are and/or how to prepare to default or for bankruptcy.

There are many aspects to credit reporting AND the clients’ financial situation and goals as well as personal situation.   I obviously need to know my clients’ intentions, resources and capabilities prior to making recommendations. 

My recommendations are based on YOUR situation.

It is extremely important that you understand that this is NOT credit repair and that I will NOT be sending frivolous disputes to the credit bureaus.

Clients are expected to dedicate several hours to read my posts and to answer my questions after my initial review as I need to know what REALLY happened and what my clients are willing and able to do about it.

My regulatory and legislative efforts

Through my work with readers and clients I discovered many SYSTEMIC problems with credit reporting and FICO scoring.

It is mind blowing to see how the entire system has been designed from the ground up to deceive consumers and to give them the worst possible credit rating.

The motive:

Greed and the desire to control the population.

I was so naive to think that my submissions to regulators and legislators would make a difference.  I was oblivious to the extent of the corruption of the financial systems of the world until I watched Money as Debt and The Money Masters.

I had no idea that banks create money out of thin air when they make loans.  I thought banks use the funds of depositors or borrow the money at a low interest rate from the government. If you don’t understand what I am talking about, PLEASE watch these FREE online documentaries.

The Arizona and California regulators REFUSED to investigate my complaints about false and illegal mortgage advertisements.

Those mortgage companies went bankrupt after substantially contributing to the current credit and mortgage crisis.  Exhibit 18, filed with my response to the Trans Union motion to dismiss:

Trinity junk fax and Mutual Benefit loan approval at 1%

I never received any disclosures whatsoever and they wanted me to schedule and pay for the appraisal. I knew that there was no such thing as a 1% rate for mortgages and I thought the regulators would shut them down. Instead, they did NOTHING at all.

Just like the regulators, credit bureaus Trans Union, Equifax and Experian and reseller/collector NCO also  refused to investigate my 2/05 notice of credit reports sold to unlicensed brokers engaging in illegal marketing and false advertising.

The credit bureaus sell credit reports to ANYONE willing to pay for them.

Additionally, the credit bureaus and Fair Isaac forced millions of consumers into horrible loans through artificially low scores,  based on the FALSE and INCOMPLETE data in credit reports.

The FICO scoring software actually CREATES late payments NOT on the Equifax reports.

Despite my efforts, NOTHING was done to STOP this insane exploitation of the working people who are forced to pay higher interest rates and insurance premiums for late payments INVENTED by myFICO.

As of early 2013, myFICO still rated entirely fictitious late payments for one of my clients’ Equifax score.

In 2012 I started a blog about debt buyer Asset Acceptance systemic incorrect credit reporting and refusing to delete a collection including interest Asset was not entitled to. I posted my complaint to the New Mexico attorney general and eventually Asset deleted, but it sure was a lot of work for me (no charge to my client as publication was included with the $300 settlement fee):

Debt Buyer Asset Acceptance Incorrect Credit Reporting and Collection Inquiry

I could post hundreds of links to document the corruption. I was going to write a book with the tentative title “20 Reasons to STOP Paying your Credit Cards“, but I didn’t have time.

Not EVERYBODY needs good credit – consider defaulting on your credit cards.

Sometimes I advise judgment-proof clients to simply STOP paying their debts, not only because the bankers are criminals and don’t DESERVE to get paid, but also because we need to prepare for rough times, stock up on food and fuel, fix the car and house and take care of deferred maintenance.

It is EXTREMELY important to be prepared to survive if the worst happens — whatever that may be.  Whether it’s unemployment, illness, cuts in benefits or loss of insurance, disaster or the collapse of the financial system or economy does not matter, if you are broke, you need to ensure that you’ll survive in the future.

I’m NOT recommending that you quit your job, sell you belongings and run for the hills. However, I AM encouraging people with nothing to lose to stop handing over their money to the bankers and to instead use it for items they’ll need sooner or later. Of course bankruptcy is often also an option despite the very unfair 2005 bankruptcy reform.

There is no downside to preparing.

No matter what happens, you can still eat the food you bought, drive the car you fixed and live in your house. You lost NOTHING except possibly your good credit rating and the time to answer collection calls.  However, with proper preparation, the impact is minimal and collectors HAVE to stop calling you if you request it in writing.

You may be able to settle most debts or even judgments for pennies on the dollar and if you did a little planning, you can have 700+ FICO scores in a few years.

In 2007 my Trans Union FICO scores with PERFECT credit (not a single late payment or any derogatory item) were in the LOW 600s and caused Barclays to close my account and WaMu to raise my rate to 26%.  That’s NOT the kind of “good” credit worth crying over.

Isn’t this the ANTI-advertisement for CreditFactors?

CreditFactors is not only about improving credit and scores.  The resources include defenses against creditor and debt buyer lawsuits and attorney filings in FDCPA cases.

I’m NOT limited to earning a living doing credit work.  While credit has been a huge part of my life since I became a mortgage broker in 1989, there are many much more fun things I’d rather be doing.

Unfortunately, nobody does what I do.

Nobody documents the credit scoring fraud and deception, the systemic violations of consumer protection laws and a credit system DESIGNED to lower the credit rating of hard working good people.

I’d like nothing better than being put out of business because credit reports and scores are no longer used.

Until then, I’ll continue to assist my clients, help increase their FICO scores, resolve their credit problems, fend off creditors and collectors and prepare to default or re-establish after bankruptcy.

Every person has different needs and objectives and I specialize in providing REALISTIC solutions to complicated financial and credit problems.

I live off the grid in the Arizona high desert, we are growing healthy, organic and GMO free foods and we encourage and support others who try to leave the system.

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