FICO Credit Score Analysis, Recommendations & Disputes
(additional services can be quoted AFTER the initial Credit Review)

6/23//08 Update:

Pre 2008 clients will continue to receive the 2007 rates for personal consulting services.

Many people need help deciding what to do, whether to stop paying their unsecured debt, to file for bankruptcy, to let the lender foreclose or whether to work on their credit and if so, how much work it will likely be and what the chances of significant improvement are.

For this purpose, I offer the Credit Review. It is NOT the full Credit Analysis with disputes and analysis of EACH problem account, but a quick review of the credit reports and then the discussion of your financial situation, your options and/or what you need to accomplish to see a substantial increase in FICO scores.

If you're not sure whether you need personal assistance and especially if you are sued by a creditor or collector, please subscribe to CreditFactors and utilize the world's greatest credit and litigation resources. No doubt, it's work to study the materials and it's not easy, but I even answer questions at the CreditFactors subscriber forum, I assist subscribers with analyzing their reports and score factors and I help determine what to dispute at no charge as time permits.

Often prospective clients ask whether I guarantee results if I analyze the credit reports and draft the disputes.

Unfortunately, I can not guarantee that the credit bureaus will comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In fact, often one of the three credit bureaus will simply refuse to correct even after multiple disputes. I documented one example at my blog at Trans Union incorrect Date Closed and address.

I can not MAKE the credit bureaus comply with the law, although I am suing Trans Union for its failure to correct the credit reporting.

On 6/16/08, I filed my amended complaint, including the new claim of tortuous interference with my business against Trans Union. While Trans Union had objected to my proposed amended complaint, judge Teilborg ruled in my favor.

Credit repair companies like Lexington and Bradley Ross don't sue the CRAs because they submit frivolous disputes demanding deletion, which often results in LOWER FICO scores. They know nothing about FICO scores and their entire business model is a giant fraud:

Lexington and Bradley Ross Law credit repair fraud EXPOSED!

Not being a lawyer and not having many thousands of dollars to litigate and to take depositions, it is very unlikely that I'll prevail in Phoenix federal court against Trans Union, but I'll certainly give it a try.

I documented FICO credit scoring bugs and many systemic credit reporting abuses, but the regulators ignore my submissions.

So I can only guarantee that I take great pride in my work and if you follow my recommendations and the credit bureaus and collectors comply with the law, you will get the FICO scores you deserve:

If you don't have new late payments or collections in the last 2 years, your FICO scores should be in the mid to high 600s even with many old charge-offs, collections, judgments and/or bankruptcy.

Old CORRECTLY reported derogatory accounts are only a small part of the FICO scores. The scoring software is designed to rate accounts according to specific seemingly irrelevant data. While any person with half a brain could often determine that an account is old, FICO scoring software is rather dumb and rates accounts based on obvious incorrect data.

I provide professional services just like a CPA or engineer.

I analyze the reporting and score factors, consult with you about the factual account history, your financial situation and credit goals and I can draft disputes to credit bureaus and collectors, settle accounts (if necessary) and provide you with a road map to high FICO scores.

Should you have to sue, you will have the best possible documentation and I can provide you with an affidavit regarding the impact of the incorrect reporting on your FICO scores.

The Credit Activist discount:

I offer a 50% DISCOUNT to all clients who allow me to publish credit reporting, score factors, dispute results, etc. to document specific issues. I always remove personal data and account numbers so that you will not be publicly identified.

My current turn around time for new orders is no more than a week.

If you can't find the answers to your questions about my services and CreditFactors at the FAQ, please email your question(s).

Credit Review, Discussion of your Problems, Solutions and Long Term Planning

If you're not sure whether you should quit paying your unsecured debt, file for bankruptcy, let the lender foreclose or work on your credit, that's the service to order.

I'll set up your private forum and you post a brief summary of your major concerns and known problems.

*** If you are concerned with your credit rating and scores, you need to provide me with access to your myFICO credit reports.

*** If you recently stopped paying your bills and you need help deciding what to do, I can initially work off any tri-merged cheap/free report such as at or any recent credit report you already have as long as it is available online.

I'll review your credit reports and we'll discuss your situation and options.

I can also give you an ESTIMATE of how many hours I'd have to work to get your FICO scores where they should be and specific problems to expect. You can also get subsequent help with whatever you decide to do at the CreditFactors forum at no additional charge.

Please subscribe to CreditFactors PRIOR to ordering any personal service. You might not need help at all and I always post links to relevant CreditFactors articles for clients.

$190 Credit Review (3 hours):

You'll receive the login info for your private forum and a secure link for your login info for credit reports within 24 hours from your order and then you can post your summary at your forum.  

If you want to increase your credit scores, please order your reports with the FICO scores PRIOR to ordering the Credit Review to make sure that your reports aren't blocked.

FICO Credit Score Analysis, Recommendations, Disputes, Review of Investigation Results & 2nd Disputes - 10 hours of my time - up to 6 derogatory accounts

I spend about 5 hours on the Credit Analysis and another 5 hours on the review of the credit bureaus' investigation results, reviewing a new set of FICO reports with the scores and factors and explaining the various options to deal with the likely incorrect verifications and either drafting 2nd disputes, providing you with an affidavit if you want to sue or attach it to your disputes and/or long term recommendations for the highest possible FICO scores.

If you have more than 6 derogatory accounts, this will probably NOT be enough time and you should expect to have to order additional hours.

If you need to settle accounts and you don't need to submit disputes, one settlement is included. You basically get 10 hours of my time for whatever needs to be done to improve your credit rating.

Please have a look at the new FAQ for CreditFactors and my services for additional information.

  • You must be a CreditFactors subscriber . I post links to specific posts and my recommendations don't do you any good if you don't understand the basics. And you might decide that you don't need personal assistance after reviewing the CreditFactors resources.
  • You must provide me with online access for your myFICO reports (the individual reports, not tri-merged) and possibly the bureau reports -- depending on your specific problems. You will need to order new myFICO reports after the CRAs completed their investigations for the followup review, analysis of the changes, recommendations and/or 2nd disputes.

    I can NOT work with tri-merged and other incomplete reports - they don't contain all data utilized by FICO scores.
  • I set up your private forum within 24 hours.

  • Turnaround time is usually no more than a week. If I expect it to take longer, I post an announcement at the top of this page. I can only work with one new client at a time and I'm often busy with my litigation.
  • I expect to spend about 5 hours on the initial Analysis and you must be willing and able to answer my questions. Please provide a brief summary and briefly describe any problem accounts and previous disputes. Knowing about your situation when I first look at your reports will save some time. While I can answer questions after you sent your disputes and I can work on early investigation results, please remember that you for my time by the hour. My brain is no hard drive. Once I'm working with another client, I clear my mind of your accounts and problems and I actually have to read the postings about your credit and that takes time.
  • If the CRAs refuse to correct data, I can provide you with an affidavit to enclose with your 2nd disputes and you can request reimbursement of my fee. It's unlikely that they'll pay prior to being served with the summons and complaint, but it may help get corrections. After all, the CRAs know that I strongly encourage litigation.

  • Credit Activist discount: You allow me to use your credit reports or collection letters to document systemic violations as at and to use in court. I remove your personal identifying data.
  • Should I publish a problem with a collector or CRA, it often helps to let them know about the publication and to include a printout of the posting with your dispute. If they refuse to correct reporting after a factual dispute and despite knowledge of my publication, your chances of finding a lawyer to take your case on contingency greatly improve.


Please order your reports with the FICO scores PRIOR to ordering the Credit Score Analysis to make sure that your reports aren't blocked.

$900 Credit Analysis (10 hours) (Credit Activist):

$1,800 Credit Analysis (10 hours) (no publication):

5 hours of consulting time for clients with only 1 or 2 derogatory accounts

Obviously, everything takes a lot less time with fewer accounts and if you only have 1 or 2 derogatory accounts or you're mainly looking for strategic advice, whether to increase FICO scores or to prepare for bankruptcy, this service is for you.

This service can also be used to order for 5 hours of additional consulting time by existing clients.

$500 Credit Analysis (5 hours) (Credit Activist):

$1,000 Credit Analysis (5 hours) (no publication):


Additional Consulting Hours

Only for existing clients!

$200 Credit Consultation (2 additional hours) (Credit Activist):

$400 Credit Consultation (2 additional hours)
(no publication):


$100 Credit Consultation (1 additional hour) (Credit Activist):

$200 Credit Consultation (1 additional hour)
(no publication):


I do not offer telephone consultations, please try the psychic hotline instead.

My litigation is documented at my blog and has lots of info on illegal credit reporting practices and my regulatory and legislative efforts.

Fees are subject to change at any time.
All services are
LIMITED TIME offers and may be discontinued without notice.

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