CreditFactors Subscription $45 6-months / $75 1 year

Currently a 1-yr CreditFactors subscription is INCLUDED with all personal credit services.

Subscribers who purchased the CreditFactors subscription up to 60 days prior to ordering personal services will receive a full credit for the cost of the subscription.

The CreditFactors Knowledgebase contains the most complete and up to date information about FICO credit scores, what and how to dispute with credit bureaus and collectors and how to settle collections and charge-offs.

The CreditFactors LEGAL Knowledgebase contains credit and collection litigation resources, filings by attorneys, legal opinions and case law regarding lawsuits for consumer law violations as well as defenses against suits by creditors and debt buyers.

At the CreditFactors member forum I assist subscribers free of charge as time permits.

When you don’t know how an account should be reported, whether incorrect reporting damages your FICO scores or when you need help with analyzing FICO score factors, you can post the account and/or score factors in the CreditFactors forum. Summarize your financial situation or post any question.

Please note that I am NOT an attorney and I can NOT give you legal advice or write your court filings.

I provide resources such as sample filings (written by attorneys)  for you to modify and I help you find relevant case law, YOUR court’s rules, etc.

CreditFactors Resources

  • develop your strategy & order the right credit reports for your purpose
  • decide whether it’s worth the effort to improve your credit rating
  • analyze the myFICO credit reports & detect relevant incorrect data
  • analyze FICO score factors & improve your scores
  • determine what to dispute, what NOT to dispute and how to dispute
  • dispute collections, negotiate and settle debts
  • “hard” and “soft” inquiries, FICO deduplication
  • permissible purpose and $1,000 statutory damages
  • decide whether to STOP paying your unsecured debts
  • decide whether to STOP paying your mortgage or auto loan
  • determine whether you are judgment-proof
  • filing for bankruptcy – long term planning
  • “after bankruptcy” common incorrect reporting
  • your rights under the FCRA – FDCPA – FCBA – RESPA
  • legal resources for consumer litigants including complaints and motions written by attorneys
  • resources for FDRS and other debt elimination scam victims

Credit and finance are complicated issues.

Every person has different objectives, resources and capabilities.

A special note to the thousands who got scammed by “debt elimination” companies such as FDRS:

Many of the victims have been sued, already have judgments against them and their wages are garnished.  If you don’t qualify to discharge your debts through bankruptcy, you need to learn how to AVOID getting sued by creditors.

If you are being sued, you need to present your defenses and counter claims to the judge.  MOST collectors commit multiple violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).   Debt buyers rarely have ADMISSIBLE evidence to document the debts.  Many collectors add illegal interest charges.  Please see my published regulatory complaints for more details:

My published credit Bureau and Collector FTC and AG Complaints at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED!

If you want to improve your FICO scores and you do NOT have the time to read the materials, the money to pay for the myFICO reports and the ability to analyze your FICO score factors, do NOT subscribe to CreditFactors.

Many CreditFactors subscribers significantly increase their FICO scores, settle accounts or otherwise resolve their issues, but it isn’t easy.   Merely paying for the subscription will do NOTHING for your credit.

While it sounds appealing to pay credit repair lawyers a monthly fee and to not have to do any work yourself, you can simply copy and mail the Lexington Law or Bradley Ross dispute letters without paying any fee. However, you may permanently LOWER your FICO scores through deletions of VALUABLE charge-offs and credit bureaus can legally refuse subsequent “real” disputes as frivolous.

If you’re serious about improving your FICO scores and/or not getting sued, subscribe to CreditFactors and before you dispute anything, learn what NOT to do.

I do NOT think that everybody should strive for the highest FICO scores.

You have to consider the value of your time and the ongoing struggle to maintain high scores.

Credit scoring and reporting are complicated, continually change and it takes time to learn what and how to dispute.  It is however well worth the effort if you are going to buy a home or refinance.

CreditFactors is for you if your credit is IMPORTANT.

Learn what to dispute BEFORE you dispute!

Currently a 1-yr CreditFactors subscription is INCLUDED with all personal credit services and a complementary subscription is provided toLiars & Cheats EXPOSED supporters.

Subscribers who purchased the CreditFactors subscription up to 60 days prior to ordering personal services will receive a full credit for the cost of the subscription.

You can SIGN UP and either pay with Dwolla (bank account) or email to arrange for payment with credit card or a snail mailed check or money order.

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