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Credit scores after bankruptcy with a mortgage “included in bankruptcy” and with a balance

I just saw a very interesting post by bankruptcy attorney L. Jed Berliner, Springfield, MA.  Apparently his client continued to pay the mortgage after a Ch. 7, but 4 years later she was declined by her credit union for a loan to pay for a new roof because she had not re-established credit.

Update: White v. Experian class action settlement

I previously posted White v. Experian et al: CRAs must update SOME discharged accounts after bankruptcy filing with the detailed analysis of the settlement with respect to credit reporting. Recently they sent notices to the class members and here is my post with more information on the settlement: White v Experian class action: how to claim your […]

Stopping payment on mortgage for investment property with negative cashflow

Good afternoon, I declared bankruptcy (Chapter 7) in 2007 and did not realize that the loans with Homecomings Financial for my investment property in South Carolina have been discharged as well. Now that I am ready to attend repairing my credit, my question is this: I have continued making payments on that property to HF […]

White v. Experian et al: CRAs must update SOME discharged accounts after bankruptcy filing

The 8/19/08 stipulated order pertains to several class action against all three CRAs. DRAFT: I will edit this entry after I read the order again or get some feedback from attorneys.  I am NOT an attorney (updated 10/14/08 11:03 am) The lead case is Terri N. White, et al. v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc.  Case No. SA CV 05-1070. The […]

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