Credit Review, Discussion, Solutions and Planning

$190 for 3 hours

All personal service now include a one year subscription to the CreditFactors Knowledgebase and Member Forum.

If you’re not facing a deadline and you have time to read and learn, I recommend  ordering the subscription prior to ordering personal services. CreditFactors subscribers can also get help at the CreditFactors member forum at no additional charge.  If you decide to order personal services within 60 days, you will receive a full credit for the membership.

You need help deciding what to do?

  • Should you stop paying your unsecured debt, file for bankruptcy, let the lender foreclose?
  • What are the chances of significant improvement if you work on your credit?
  • Will settling accounts help your credit?

Certain problems often cannot be resolved without filing suit and/or going public.  Examples are mortgages and auto loans paid as agreed after bk, but not reported as such, Equifax FICO scores rating the charge-off notation as a recent late payment, collectors refusing to delete bogus or unverifiable debts, Sallie Mae reporting a student loan balance higher than the “high credit”, etc.

Whether it’s worth fighting and suing for these corrections depends on the specific reporting, on the OTHER items on your credit reports and of course on how important it is to improve your credit rating.

The Credit Review includes 3 hours of my time.

I will explain your options and make recommendations.

Unless you have only ONE problem account, the Credit Review is NOT the full Credit Analysis and the review and discussion of each derogatory account, but a quick review of the credit reports and then the evaluation of your financial situation, your options and/or what you need to accomplish to see a substantial increases in FICO scores.

I set up your private secure (SSL) forum and you provide a brief summary of your major concerns and known problems.

  • If you are concerned with your credit rating and scores, you need to provide me with access to your myFICO credit reports.
  • If you recently stopped paying your bills and you need help deciding what to do, I can work off any tri-merged cheap/free report or any recent credit report you already have as long as it is available online. We discuss your options in your private forum.

After I reviewed your credit reports, we’ll discuss your situation and options.

I can also ESTIMATE how many hours it would take to prepare the full Credit Analysis, review all derogatory accounts and draft your disputes. Sometimes I can tell you whether it is likely that the reporting will be corrected.

Please email a brief summary of your situation so I can give you my recommendations of services and credit reports to order.


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