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I no longer offer credit services other than for clients I previously worked with.

I’ve been litigating against credit bureaus, creditors and collectors since about 2000. We had STRONG legislation protecting consumers, but the Fair Credit Reporting Act was weakened in 2003. Our corrupt legislators FAILED to amend the Fair Debt Collection Practices to adjust the $1,000 maximum statutory damages to inflation (it was enacted in the 70s) and many judges DESPISE all consumers.

It has become impossible for me to provide meaningful assistance to my clients as credit bureaus, creditors and collectors no longer worry about getting sued for violating the law.

To make matters worse, there are NO competent consumer attorneys willing to represent consumers without retainer and in many cases you couldn’t hire a competent lawyer if you had thousands of dollars for the retainer.   Several of my clients did retain attorneys, but the so-called consumer lawyers generally want to settle for only their HUGE attorneys fees and CORRECTION of incorrectly reported data. The consumers get NOTHING but a lot of aggravation and stress.

So I give up.

I’m only one woman with ZERO support from any organization.

I’m now focused on establishing a small organic farm in the high desert and I’m fighting Monsanto and once again, corrupt legislators such as Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. Yesterday was a good day, the DARK Act was defeated — for now.

It’s good to see MILLIONS of people TAKING ACTION to get GMO labeling, calling their representatives and creating awareness.

When it comes to their health and especially to the health of their children, many Americans are willing to step up.

When I wrote about SYSTEMIC fraudulent credit reporting such as INCORRECT FICO scores (see FICTITIOUS late payments on Equifax FICO reports) resulting in FICO scores often 100 points lower than they should have been,  many thousands read my documentation, but NOBODY did anything whatsoever.

I know what it’s like when you’re BROKE and you have no credit and life just sucks.  I know it’s even harder when you have a family to support and you have to work some crummy job just to feed everybody.   I sure wish I could help, but I don’t have super human powers and I certainly don’t have the cash it takes to ensure that you’ll find JUSTICE in America.

Good luck to all of you!



Ordering CreditFactors Services

I recently found and you can now order all services through Dwolla if you pay from a BANK ACCOUNT.

Dwolla charges only 25 cents per transaction and I’m passing the savings on to you.

For CREDIT CARD payments you can pay through Amazon or I can send you an invoice that you can pay with a credit card. Please email for more info.

I set up your private forum within 24 hours and usually can get started on your review within a few days. If you’re facing a deadline, please email prior to ordering.

You can snail mail a check or money order to:

Christine Baker
3880 Stockton Hill 103-156
Kingman, AZ 86409

Please contact me by email prior to snail mailing payments.

The CreditFactors membership is FREE for Liars & Cheats EXPOSED supporters.

CreditFactors Knowledgebase and Member Forum

$45 for a 6-months CreditFactors subscription
$75 for a 1-year CreditFactors subscription

Currently a 1-yr CreditFactors subscription is INCLUDED with all personal credit services.

You can SIGN UP and either pay with Dwolla (bank account) or email to arrange for payment with credit card or a snail mailed check or money order.

Subscribers who purchased the CreditFactors subscription up to 60 days prior to ordering personal services will receive a full credit for the membership.

To prevent unexpected charges such as overdraft or over limit fees, the CreditFactors membership will NOT automatically renew.

Details about the CreditFactors subscription

Personal Consulting Services

All personal services include your personal secure (SSL) forum.

You can continue to use your forum to keep track of your FICO scores, accounts and disputes as long as you remain a CreditFactors member and all personal services come with a 1 year membership.

My services are described below and please check the CreditFactors FAQ for more information.  Please email a brief summary of your situation and I will let you know which services best fit your needs and the estimated cost.

I do NOT run a credit repair mill like Lexington Law and countless credit repair companies.  I do NOT recommend frivolous disputes and I have no employees.

With over 20 years of real estate, mortgage, credit and litigation experience,  I  know what it takes to improve FICO scores.

Credit Review & Consultation: $190 (3 hours)

If you’re not sure what to do about your debts, whether it’s worth your while to work on improving your credit, how to deal with specific creditors and collectors, whether settling accounts will improve your FICO scores, etc.,  and you don’t want to post in the CreditFactors member forum, this service with your private and secure forum is for you.

You can upgrade to the full credit analysis or order account settlement services after the review.

You private forum will remain active for at least one year and you can use it to organize your accounts, keep track of collection letters, your FICO score history, etc.

MORE about the Credit Review

Debt Settlement – 6 hours

$600 per account / $300 for Credit Activists

Credit Activist 50% discount

I offer a 50% discount to clients who allow me to use their credit reports and dispute / collection experiences to document systemic violations of consumer laws or unfair practices and abuse.

I do NOT disclose my clients’ PERSONAL information.

Of course I redact all identifying data.

I have to review your credit reports and discuss your financial situation and credit goals PRIOR to settling accounts.  In MANY cases I do NOT recommend settling at all because the credit rating would not improve and settling would be a waste of your money.  Often OTHER steps should be taken.

Please order the Credit Review PRIOR to ordering a debt settlement!

Unlike debt settlement companies, I do not charge a percentage of the amount owed or saved, but I charge a flat fee for each account.  Some clients have me settle larger accounts and I help them settle small accounts on their own.

My hourly rate for debt settlement is lower because it involves lots of holding on the telephone and clerical tasks that don’t justify my regular rate.

For Credit Activists:

MORE about Flat Fee Debt Settlement – please read PRIOR to ordering and it is also highly recommended reading if you want to improve your FICO scores!

Credit Analysis – improving your FICO scores.

$200/hr — $100/hr for Credit Activists

The Credit Analysis requires the Trans Union and Equifax myFICO credit reports with the FICO scores. Since myFICO no longer provides Experian reports, we have to work with the Experian direct report.

While I charge by the hour, I do NOT charge like a lawyer.

The initial account setup is very labor intensive as I compile the reporting for each derogatory account from each credit bureau and I prepare a summary of open accounts, inquiries and FICO score factors.  Then we DISCUSS your accounts as I need to know what REALLY happened to make recommendations and to draft your disputes.

Typically, 5 hours are enough time for clients with 2-4 derogatory accounts to draft disputes and to review the investigation results. Obviously, the more collections and charge-offs are on your credit, the longer it takes. Your private forum will remain active for at least one year from the last posting.

If you have more than a few derogatory accounts 5 hours are NOT enough:

50% DISCOUNT for Credit Activists:

If you have more than a few derogatory accounts 5 hours are NOT enough:

MORE info about the Credit Analysis — please read PRIOR to ordering and it is also highly recommended reading if you want to improve your FICO scores!

Please email any questions! Credit issues are very complex and every person’s situation is different. I’ll be glad to discuss your issues and make recommendations.

Often it’s best to start with the $190 Credit Review and as you can upgrade to the full analysis by paying the difference in cost.


Refunds for services NOT performed will be issued within 5 business days from cancellation and must be requested within 10 days from ordering.

I do NOT offer telephone consultations.

Please try the psychic hot-line.

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