Major upgrade to the CreditFactors Knowledgebase

KBPublisher is the software I’m using to organize CreditFactors subscriber resources and it currently contains 166 articles on credit reporting, disputes, FICO credit scoring, dealing with collectors and lawsuits — all organized by category and searchable.

I have been using the free KBPublisher software since 2007 after trying software costing $500 and more and I was so impressed by the functionality and ease of use, I even wrote to Evgeny (the developer) that it is the kind of software I’d gladly pay for.

Since I maintain several websites and blogs using a variety of blogging software and forums requiring my constant attention and upgrades, I was really happy to have to do NOTHING to KBPublisher.

I love the way I can attach RELATED articles, making it easy for subscribers to see what to read next.

The GLOSSARY is also very helpful since most subscribers are brand new to credit.

Being able to manually order articles is extremely important and the MIRROR feature is also very nice as some articles are relevant in multiple categories.

Occasionally I attach files such as court opinions or filings and I actually set up a second KBPublisher installation to post and organize credit and collection-related LEGAL opinions and attorney court filings.  I don’t want legalese to show up in the search for subscribers who are not interested in litigation and I will continue to keep the legal knowledgebase separate.

Credit reporting continually changes and I’ll (once again) go through all articles to make sure they’re up to date over the next couple of weeks.

One feature I really missed was the ability to edit articles without logging in as admin. I frequently post links to articles about specific credit or FICO scoring concepts and sample disputes for subscribers who post questions in the CreditFactors member forum as well as for my clients with private forums.  And that’s when I see typos or the need for updates, but it was too disruptive to have to go into admin and get sidetracked instead of staying focused on the client’s or subscriber’s problems.   So the new quick editing feature was my primary reason for the upgrade.

Now I’m thrilled with the many new features!

The option to get EMAIL notifications of CHANGES to articles and not just for new articles in a certain category is fantastic. My CreditSuit blog has 338 subscribers and 266 chose email notification over RSS and I have to admit that while I’m capable of subscribing via RSS, I much prefer an email notice for IMPORTANT subscriptions.

I really wish I could take advantage of the feature to have some articles available to the public and some for paying subscribers, but currently the entire installation is only accessible to subscribers so that subscriptions are activated automatically and instantly. And that’s really too bad, I’d love to show off how well organized and easy to use the CreditFactors knowledgebase is.  Maybe I’ll post some screenshots.

I’ve been VERY busy,  but am looking forward to making the best credit, collection and FICO scoring resource even better!

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