I no longer provide credit services

I no longer offer credit services other than for clients I previously worked with.

I’ve been litigating against credit bureaus, creditors and collectors since about 2000. We had STRONG legislation protecting consumers, but the Fair Credit Reporting Act was weakened in 2003. Our corrupt legislators FAILED to amend the Fair Debt Collection Practices to adjust the $1,000 maximum statutory damages to inflation (it was enacted in the 70s) and many judges DESPISE all consumers.

It has become impossible for me to provide meaningful assistance to my clients as credit bureaus, creditors and collectors no longer worry about getting sued for violating the law.

To make matters worse, there are NO competent consumer attorneys willing to represent consumers without retainer and in many cases you couldn’t hire a competent lawyer if you had thousands of dollars for the retainer.   Several of my clients did retain attorneys, but the so-called consumer lawyers generally want to settle for only their HUGE attorneys fees and CORRECTION of incorrectly reported data. The consumers get NOTHING but a lot of aggravation and stress.

So I give up.

I’m only one woman with ZERO support from any organization.

I’m now focused on establishing a small organic farm in the high desert and I’m fighting Monsanto and once again, corrupt legislators such as Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. Yesterday was a good day, the DARK Act was defeated — for now.

It’s good to see MILLIONS of people TAKING ACTION to get GMO labeling, calling their representatives and creating awareness.

When it comes to their health and especially to the health of their children, many Americans are willing to step up.

When I wrote about SYSTEMIC fraudulent credit reporting such as INCORRECT FICO scores (see FICTITIOUS late payments on Equifax FICO reports) resulting in FICO scores often 100 points lower than they should have been,  many thousands read my documentation, but NOBODY did anything whatsoever.

I know what it’s like when you’re BROKE and you have no credit and life just sucks.  I know it’s even harder when you have a family to support and you have to work some crummy job just to feed everybody.   I sure wish I could help, but I don’t have super human powers and I certainly don’t have the cash it takes to ensure that you’ll find JUSTICE in America.

Good luck to all of you!


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