FICO scores STILL create fictitious late payments on Equifax reports

Over three years ago I documented that Equifax myFICO reports often contain entirely FICTITIOUS and extremely FICO score lowering RECENT late payments.  A FICO scoring software “bug” misinterpreted the charge-off reporting as late payment.

This can NOT be fixed by Equifax as the Equifax direct report does not contain these late payments.

I notified Fair Isaac, but of course they didn’t care.

Recently two clients had these FICTITIOUS late payments on their myFICO Equifax reports.  I’ve been meaning to start a new blog about it at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED, but I’ve been so busy.  I hope to take new screenshots of the reporting and the FICO score factors on a new blog in the next few weeks and in the meantime, here’s my OLD 2007 page:

5/4/07 – FICO scores add FICTITIOUS Equifax late payments long after charge-off

MyFICO changed the report format and some data labels,  but they did NOT fix this known problem.

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