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Finally: the accounts

The account listing This listing is very helpful on reports with many accounts. You can quickly see the balances, open dates, status and the dreaded little red flags indicating that the account was delinquent. MISSING are the credit limits and high credit and whether/when the accounts were closed. Credit analyzing software should include this data, drop the account […]

Credit At-A-Glance

Personal Information Personal data is NOT included in FICO scores. While it’s not necessary to ensure the accuracy of personal data, I take a quick look when working with new clients.  Usually I don’t know where my clients live, where they work and how old that are.  It helps me communicate with my clients and STATE law is important when it […]

myFICO composition and score factors

1) FICO score “ingredients.” According to Fair Isaac: Payment history Amounts owed Length of credit New Credit Types of credit Please DO study this Fair Isaac page, it’s one of the few pages with excellent and ACCURATE information. This is the data referred to at the top of the myFICO reports as FICO score “ingredients.” Note that […]

Analyzing myFICO reports 101

I changed my mind about posting on the TU “bk or unrated” accounts when I looked at the report. Since few credit repairers have seen a myFICO report, I decided to start with going through the myFICO report and explaining what to IGNORE. It’s a HUGE problem that the myFICO credit reports are full of bla […]

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