The extremely important Experian STATUS and DELETION dates

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When was this account charged off?

How does a CREDITOR know how to rate this account?

How does Experian determine when the account is to be deleted?

How do FICO scores rate the account?

Since Fair Isaac does NOT provide the DETAILS for the scores such as how many months ago an account was delinquent, I cannot prove how the account is rated.

Experian should be ORDERED to provide the dates of the charge-off to creditors and the date of first permanent delinquency to creditors.  I’ve SUED Experian over this and the deposition is at CreditCourt.  That’s the case I had to dismiss because they filed my totally unredacted credit reports on PACER for ANYONE to download.

To all you credit experts:

Can you tell me when this account was charged off or when the account first became permanent delinquent?

Can you tell me whether the scheduled deletion date is CORRECT?

I’ll try to post how Fair Isaac reports the account soon.

4 Responses to “The extremely important Experian STATUS and DELETION dates”

  1. RAB

    I would totally say that you are analyzing your Experian report right. Experian should report last major delinquency within the Status details and should change recent balance from N/A to $ 0.

  2. There’s absolutely no reason to change the balance from N/A. You’re in the credit repair business and SO clueless.

    I’ve removed the link to your site because you are another one of those outfits that lie, deceive and defraud.

    “We can legally stop the harassment through the Fair Debt Collection practices Act section 805.”

    Of course anyone can send a cease & desist letter (which will NOT get the collection REMOVED from the credit) and then get sued.

    Debtors simply have to mail a letter stating that they do not wish to be contacted again. Of course THAT leaves the creditor/collector no option but to sue. How many of your clients ended up with judgment against them or had to settle due to your stupidity?

    “Using CSR eliminates the time invested in learning credit laws and drafting correspondence for the paper chase with the credit bureaus. It frees you from crafting carefully worded correspondence and following each dispute. The credit bureaus will be less inclined to view a credit challenge from a recognized credit restoration company as frivolous or unfounded.”

    That HAS to be the most ridiculous lie I’ve seen in a while.

    “Credit restoration is as legal as pleading “not guilty” in a court of law.”

    ANOTHER outrageous lie.

    “We personally do disputes for our clients verbally directly to the creditors, collection agencies and the credit bureaus.”

    You have to be one of the dumbest people out there.

    You should be in jail.

  3. Edgardo S Rivera

    1. in my report said high balance not reported, this is a violation of the FCRA?
    2. what is the date of status?
    3. in my Experian report, last days reported dosen’t show up?
    any help with this issues. Please…

  4. Edgardo, re:

    1) It depends on the type of account, yes for REVOLVING accounts.

    2) It’s the date pertaining to the status. So, if it’s “charged off” it should be the date of the chargeoff.

    3) That’s odd. None of the accounts report the date reported?

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